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From experiments to lab reports and instructions to journal articles, scientific content depends on accuracy and clarity. Errors or misunderstandings can lead to unsuccessful patent applications, machine failures and worse.

As a trained physicist with published articles in the renowned Journal of Chemical Physics on topics such as magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy, you can rely on my precision, experience and in-depth understanding of your field.


Spectroscopical chemistry



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Get published in respected journals
Open up new markets and audiences
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Saves you time Reduced research requirements mean shorter lead times
Saves you effort Cut out the lengthy explanations with a subject matter expert
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I translate

Lab reports
Journal articles
Theses and abstracts
Experiment write-ups
Instructions for equipment

I work with

Research institutes
Equipment manufacturers
International distributors
Clinical trial organisers

Recent project:

Safety reports for environmental pollution with diverse chemical agents

When your reputation depends on high-quality translation, don’t entrust your carefully created content to a non-specialist. As an experienced scientific translator, I will ensure high quality and maximum accuracy.

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