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Errors in medical translation can damage and even cost lives. These mission-critical documents need a subject specialist experienced in your field, from clinical trial reports to medication instructions, to ensure total accuracy.

I have worked with clients around the world on their medical files and documents since 2014, so you can rely on me to provide clear, precise translations of your vital information. My in-depth knowledge of your field is crucial to your success.

Medical devices


Patient information

Clinical trials


Autoimmune diseases



Infectious diseases

My expert medical translations help you:

Get better participation rates for your clinical trials
Connect with new suppliers and distributors
Maintain your hard-earned reputation overseas

Working with a professional German translator:

Saves you time Reduced research requirements mean shorter lead times
Saves you effort Cut out the lengthy explanations with a subject matter expert
Saves you money Avoid the risk of costly errors

I translate

Equipment manuals
Clinical trials for medication
Informed consent forms
Marketing materials
Instructions for use

I work with

Pharmaceutical companies
Medical device manufacturers
Clinical trial participants
Healthcare providers

Recent project:

Clinical trials and related informed consent forms

Making medical texts accessible to a new audience can be risky without a subject matter expert. I know your field inside out, so you can rely on my professional, precise translations.

Put your trust in an experienced medical translator.