Technical Translations

Errors in scientific, medical and technical texts can lead to lost profits, damaged reputations, health problems and worse.

As a trained physicist with published journal articles and years of experience in the medical and technical sectors, you can rely on my precise, professional services, whether you need to understand your company’s Russian report or you’re looking for premium German technical translation.

My language pairs

English to German
Russian to German
Ukrainian to German
Work with a professional English to German translator to keep up with competitors, secure funding and gain recognition.
Scientific translation
Avoid costly, and potentially dangerous, errors and misunderstandings
by teaming up with a subject matter expert.
Medical translation
Make your mark in the fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape
with a translator who knows your industry.
Technical translation

I work with

Research institutes

Scientific journals

Students and lecturers

Pharmaceutical companies

Medical device manufacturers

Clinical trial participants


Software developers

Blue chip corporations

communication in your industry’s language

Your reputation, and the potential for expansion overseas, depends on clear communication and speaking your industry’s language. Partnering with an experienced translator with established specialisms will save time, effort and considerable expense.
Don’t entrust mission-critical content to someone outside of the loop.

Need German translation services from English, Russian or Ukrainian?